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4 Things To Consider When You Create Your PR & Marketing Strategy

Whether you are an author, keynote speaker or Company CEO, a PR and marketing strategy is essential. But unlike a large organization, small businesses (and those trying to build personal brands) do not have teams of people to help them develop it. Instead there are steps we can take to ensure a successful strategy.

Here are four things to consider when devising your PR and Marketing Strategy:

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That Time I Kicked Sting’s Dog & Other Stories

The key to making a connection with others is to share our stories and experiences. But how do we decide which ones to share? What’s too much information? What’s not enough?

Different situations require a different level of conversation. Things we share in the pub with our mates may not be appropriate stories for our work presentations. It is these personal insights, however, that help us to win a reaction – and create a connection. In a small group of friends, the reaction may be uniformly positive; on Twitter, on the other hand, a global reaction could be varied. Are you ready to defend your actions? Continue Reading

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Finding Your Voice On Social Media

Like public speaking, social media is instant. It happens live and in real-time. It’s ‘public’ and what you say is recorded and easily shareable. Your social media updates are also public remarks – just like a keynote address. So not only is it really important that you create a voice that conveys your brand message, but also that you are conscious of how you are coming across. Whilst it is good to be enthusiastic about your ideas, how do you find the line between passionate expression and too much information (TMI).

Here’s some tips on how to avoid becoming too hot-headed or impulsive. Continue Reading