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Start An Online Conversation To Benefit Your Business

I often get asked how to start successful online discussions and conversations. The good news is that there are many ways now to engage your communities in active dialog. Blogs, social media sites and forums are great places to network, share information and points of view, appeal to your followers and win their interaction.

Here are 5 questions to keep in mind when starting your discussion:

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That Time I Kicked Sting’s Dog & Other Stories

The key to making a connection with others is to share our stories and experiences. But how do we decide which ones to share? What’s too much information? What’s not enough?

Different situations require a different level of conversation. Things we share in the pub with our mates may not be appropriate stories for our work presentations. It is these personal insights, however, that help us to win a reaction – and create a connection. In a small group of friends, the reaction may be uniformly positive; on Twitter, on the other hand, a global reaction could be varied. Are you ready to defend your actions? Continue Reading

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How To Develop A Personal Connection With Your Community

Here are my top 10 networking tips to get sociable and grow an active professional community.

1. Get proactive

First, you need to create the opportunity to connect with people. Utilize social media platforms, attend events and join existing networks. Good places to start are your local chamber of commerce, entrepreneurial networks or simply socialising with those who share similar interests.

In the online world, friend people, follow people and join in the comment conversations. Continue Reading