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3 Steps to Successful Reinvention

Change is daunting in any aspect of life. Whether we’re developing our brand, growing our business, or advancing our careers, most of us face many reservations, mental blocks and wobbles during the process. That’s because moving forward and re-inventing ourselves is scary.

The reality is at this stage we have already out-grown an old skin. For example, moving from a corporate career to self-employment, or expanding businesses into new territories, or simply buying a new car. Circumstances drive a need for change. We recognise these drivers and we’ve considered them extensively, but that doesn’t make the change process any less difficult. We know ourselves more intimately than anyone else. We suddenly have this new persona and we have to live up to it. It takes time to recognise ourselves within this new improved identity.

If you craft your story, you will be able to own your new pedigree with integrity

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What Can Inca Mythology Teach Us About Personal Branding?

I volunteer with a local school and read once a week with the children. This weekly activity has become a great source of inspiration. The children are so creative and their unrestricted outlook is infectious (so are their colds ‘sniff sniff’).  I recently read a book called The Incredible Incas (Horrible History) by Terry Deary. I was totally engrossed.

It turns out that the Incas were personal branding specialists.

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How To Develop A Personal Connection With Your Community

Here are my top 10 networking tips to get sociable and grow an active professional community.

1. Get proactive

First, you need to create the opportunity to connect with people. Utilize social media platforms, attend events and join existing networks. Good places to start are your local chamber of commerce, entrepreneurial networks or simply socialising with those who share similar interests.

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