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Branding Is A Personal Journey

Building a brand identity is an extremely personal experience. Designing logos, creating graphics and writing branding statements, includes a huge amount of necessary self-focused processing time.

Building a business and creating a brand that reflects your ideas and experience for many is a defining moment. Throughout our careers and life challenges we learn a lot about who we are and also who we are not. We soak up our experiences and learn from them in our own personal journey. However there are not many occasions where we open up and analyze all these profound moments and influential people who affect our lives.

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How To Develop A Personal Connection With Your Community

Here are my top 10 networking tips to get sociable and grow an active professional community.

1. Get proactive

First, you need to create the opportunity to connect with people. Utilize social media platforms, attend events and join existing networks. Good places to start are your local chamber of commerce, entrepreneurial networks or simply socialising with those who share similar interests.

In the online world, friend people, follow people and join in the comment conversations. Continue Reading

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Its No Secret That Social Media Is A Useful Tool For Leadership Development

CEO’s and business leaders have celebrity status and often feature in the media. We want to know them, and feel like they are accessible.

Social media provides an opportunity for leaders to create a personal brand and interact directly with their communities. As technology evolves there are new ways to communicate with stakeholders and engage them with business development. Through savvy use of social media, leaders can create an online persona that tells their stories and conveys their values.

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