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Content is still king, but have we heard it all before?

Content is still the key to lead generation, but we are bored of the same old. To grab the world’s attention you need fresh innovative content; to hold the world’s attention you need to re-define your ideas. Even if you have had success with an idea or a product in the past, the world moves on very quickly and once your ideas are published they are fair game.

Creating regular content for your blog, website and social media channels is an important part of your pr and marketing strategy. This content is not only a summary of your ideas; it becomes a platform from which you can create business opportunities.

However in today’s mass media, digital frenzy…. vanilla content is lost.

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What Can Inca Mythology Teach Us About Personal Branding?

I volunteer with a local school and read once a week with the children. This weekly activity has become a great source of inspiration. The children are so creative and their unrestricted outlook is infectious (so are their colds ‘sniff sniff’).  I recently read a book called The Incredible Incas (Horrible History) by Terry Deary. I was totally engrossed.

It turns out that the Incas were personal branding specialists.

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