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3 Steps to Successful Reinvention

Change is daunting in any aspect of life. Whether we’re developing our brand, growing our business, or advancing our careers, most of us face many reservations, mental blocks and wobbles during the process. That’s because moving forward and re-inventing ourselves is scary.

The reality is at this stage we have already out-grown an old skin. For example, moving from a corporate career to self-employment, or expanding businesses into new territories, or simply buying a new car. Circumstances drive a need for change. We recognise these drivers and we’ve considered them extensively, but that doesn’t make the change process any less difficult. We know ourselves more intimately than anyone else. We suddenly have this new persona and we have to live up to it. It takes time to recognise ourselves within this new improved identity.

If you craft your story, you will be able to own your new pedigree with integrity

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Branding Is A Personal Journey

Building a brand identity is an extremely personal experience. Designing logos, creating graphics and writing branding statements, includes a huge amount of necessary self-focused processing time.

Building a business and creating a brand that reflects your ideas and experience for many is a defining moment. Throughout our careers and life challenges we learn a lot about who we are and also who we are not. We soak up our experiences and learn from them in our own personal journey. However there are not many occasions where we open up and analyze all these profound moments and influential people who affect our lives.

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That Time I Kicked Sting’s Dog & Other Stories

The key to making a connection with others is to share our stories and experiences. But how do we decide which ones to share? What’s too much information? What’s not enough?

Different situations require a different level of conversation. Things we share in the pub with our mates may not be appropriate stories for our work presentations. It is these personal insights, however, that help us to win a reaction – and create a connection. In a small group of friends, the reaction may be uniformly positive; on Twitter, on the other hand, a global reaction could be varied. Are you ready to defend your actions? Continue Reading