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3 Steps to Successful Reinvention

Change is daunting in any aspect of life. Whether we’re developing our brand, growing our business, or advancing our careers, most of us face many reservations, mental blocks and wobbles during the process. That’s because moving forward and re-inventing ourselves is scary.

The reality is at this stage we have already out-grown an old skin. For example, moving from a corporate career to self-employment, or expanding businesses into new territories, or simply buying a new car. Circumstances drive a need for change. We recognise these drivers and we’ve considered them extensively, but that doesn’t make the change process any less difficult. We know ourselves more intimately than anyone else. We suddenly have this new persona and we have to live up to it. It takes time to recognise ourselves within this new improved identity.

If you craft your story, you will be able to own your new pedigree with integrity

No amount of strategic planning can account for the emotion that comes with making big decisions. Whether it’s buying a bigger home, getting a puppy or starting a speaking career, we should expect the unexpected fallout from any decision we make. It is paramount to the success of our endeavors, however, to recognize the jitters before we implode or backtrack. Transitioning a personal brand and developing new ideas are not only essential to remaining innovative within an industry, but they also support our identity as we grow and develop new expertise.

Here are 3 helpful steps to successful re-branding:

1.Work Flow Analysis

At some point during your brand transition, you will be working towards new business goals and maintaining the status quo at the same time. This dual role can feel overwhelming because of the extra workload. It is easy to get disheartened if things are not progressing as smoothly or as quickly as you had anticipated. You may have to find new ways of working, bring in new talent or learn new skills. Assess your limits, budgets and restrictions so that you can best use your time and resources.

2.Messaging and Story Telling

Work through your own story and develop a brand message. This work will help you to keep aligned with your goals. What is your 3-minute elevator pitch that sums up you, your business and your ideas? Talk this through with your creative team, friends and family. They can add value to your message and help you practice telling your story. When you have worked this through, the 2-second version of your elevator pitch will perfectly summarise your brand.


Use your new brand identity to enhance your persona. Be consistent with your messaging and ethos. If you are using your time efficiently and you have crafted your story, you will be able to own your new pedigree with integrity. The feedback and data you can collect from your platform will help you to measure your success and make improvements if necessary. Don’t get hung up on things being final; you are always evolving, and your brand should be just as progressive. Its OK to change your mind.

So remember: give yourself time, talk things through with those you trust – and own it!


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Emma Wyatt

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